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Before you enjoy the video and audio files, please take your oath of fanaticism by reading aloud the Baltimore Colts fight song:


Text and band files courtesy "The Cardinal", from the collection of NFL Fight Songs


Let's go you Baltimore Colts
And put that ball across the line,
So, drive on you Baltimore Colts -
Go in and strike like lightning bolts,
Fight, fight, fight,
Rear up you Colts and let's fight -
Crash through and show them your might -
For Baltimore and Maryland -
You will march on to victory.
- - - by Jo Lombardi & Benjamin Klasmer


Though I own a copy of the NFL Films’ 1958 NFL Championship (58 minutes), Super Bowls III and V, and a package of Lenny Moore highlights, below are the only files my bandwidth allows.  As always, you may contact me at :  BaltimoreColtsMania (@)


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Baltimore Colts Marching Band


ESPN 30 for 30 clip:  The Band That Wouldn’t Die (directed by Barry Levinson)


ESPN 30 for 30 trailer:  The Band That Wouldn’t Die


Fight Song with an introduction by Johnny Unitas (MP3, 1:50)


Fight Song without introduction (MP3, 26 Seconds)


Fight Song without introduction (MIDI, 26 Seconds)





Below is the music slideshow (YouTube Video or Google Video) that I created.  The 1st Background song is “Unitas We Stand,” written by Tony Sciuto and  Tony Lombardi, and performed by Tony Sciuto.  Please visit, owned by D3 Corp and Tony Lombardi. 
























Baltimore Colts tribute song, “Unitas We Stand” (MP3, 2:49).


ESPN:  History of Football in Baltimore (YouTube video)


Super Bowl V


Radio Broadcast of Jim O’Brien’s kick (MP3, 16 seconds)


March 29, 1984


CNN videoWhen the Colts were moved (really stolen) from Baltimore (30 seconds)