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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How long has this site been around?

I began this site during the summer of 1996 after hearing my father regale so many stories about this team.  There were no sites back then about the Colts so I made my own, hoping to find a niche on the Internet.


Why make a site about team that hasn’t played in almost 30 years?

This site is a tribute to the great relationship I have with my father and his relationship with his father.  It also serves as proof that I really do listen to him and his stories.  It is hard to not get swallowed in the passion about this team when my father and I would play catch with him as Unitas and I (pathetically) emulating the routes of Moore and Berry. 


Did your father really brainwash you about the Colts?  That sounds sort of illegal.

Brainwashing is legal when my father tells me stories of his childhood, and everytime a current NFL player does something, my father is quick to remind me of a player from the 50s and 60s who did it first.  All I knew was the Baltimore Colts had some great stretches of pioneering football and very strong teams.  Not one to believe everything my father told me, I researched his seemingly too tall tales and found that he was actually correct!  I have welcomed his brainwashing ever since.


Just how popular is this site?

Popular is relative when there are so few sites about the Colts, but according to my visitor tracker, the highest day was 390 unique visitors on September, 12, 2002, the day after Johnny U passed away. 


This was also the high week with 857 unique visitors and highest month with 1589 unique visitors.  Just missing the cut is the week before the Indy Colts game versus the Ravens with 612 unique visitors (2nd week of January 2006).  The site has also been viewed in over 53 countries.  The most popular search term leading visitors to the site is of course “Baltimore Colts,” but surprisingly, the 2nd most popular search leading to this site is “Mike Curtis.”.  Baltimore Colts Mania has been mentioned in the Baltimore Sun (12/9/07) and (9/12/07) and on WBAL  (1/9/07).


What is the best movie for a Colts fan?

As if there’s any other’s "Diner," directed by Baltimorean Barry Levinson and made in 1982.  It contains many references to this great franchise including a superb choice for wedding music and a great way to determine if you should marry your significant other.  Besides Colts references, it is a classic for any Baltimorean, especially those who were raised during the 50s and 60s like my dad.


What is the best book about the Baltimore Colts?

Without question, it is the most recent publication, “Johnny U,” by Tom Callahan.  Other Colts books were quick reads with a few factual inaccuracies, but Callahan’s book nails everything about the team and Unitas’ era in the NFL.  His massive research and numerous interviews shows in the depth and breadth of information.  No other book about the Colts will match “Johnny U,” not the least of which is because players are passing away.


Do you give estimates on the value of Colts memorabilia?

I don’t give out estimates, sorry.  I suggest contacting a few sports memorabilia shops and comparing their offers.  If you’d like to donate memorabilia to me, I’ll gladly take it off your hands for safe keeping.


How should I contact you as a fan or for media inquiry?

You may email me at baltimorecoltsmania (@) and I will reply in kind.